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Your Hormone Replacement is Only as Safe as Your Doctor is Smart

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Breast cancer, excessive menstrual bleeding, and unnecessary hysterectomies are just a few of the numerous complications I've encountered in patients who were on BHRT. BUT...

It isn't because bioidentical hormones aren't safe but rather because the prescribing practitioner doesn't understand how to properly dose and monitor them.

Even though bioidentical hormones are biologically identical to a woman’s natural hormones, they can be just as dangerous as 'synthetic' hormones IF:

1. Doses are too high

2. Doses are not monitored correctly (for example, blood work cannot be used to monitor hormone levels when using creams)

3. Hormones are given in incorrect dosage forms (i.e. estrogen pills)

4. Hormones are not properly balanced (for example, giving estrogen without progesterone)

5. Hormones are given without knowing why levels are abnormal or low. This is especially true in women who are not in menopause.

The world of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has become a sequel the Wild West. Anything goes, and there is virtually no oversight on what, when, and how practitioners can prescribe hormones. There is no standard of care, no uniform protocols, and no central data base of bad outcomes in women who were given the wrong bioidentical hormone replacement.

So how does a woman find a practitioner who truly understands BHRT and the complexity of hormone relationships?

Look for someone who:

  1. Has at least 10 years of experience prescribing BHRT. There are countless nuances to prescribing BHRT...many of which are only learned over time and with a lot of experience.

  2. Has been properly trained through a reputable training program

  3. Can provide ample patient testimonials and has demonstrated excellent patient outcomes

  4. Knows exactly what to do when there is a problem. All women are different, and the exact same types and doses of hormones can work great in one women and not at all in another. It's not enough to know what to give...what's even more important is knowing how to adjust and fix hormones when things aren't going as planned.

If you're having trouble locating someone, you can go HERE.

DO NOT go to hormone franchise clinics, pellet mills, and other places that treat everyone the same. There's NO SUCH THING as one size fits all!!

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