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Quality Control

Our Promise to You

Our products are manufactured in a facility to enforces the strictest quality control.  Extensive product testing and material analyses is conducted on each product. We proudly carry the following certifications:


NSF Certification: The NSF is an American product testing, inspection, and certification organization that ensures that products meet the highest quality standards to ensure public safety.

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GMP Certification: Good manufacturing processes dictate procedure and documentation guidelines for operating at an exceedingly careful and professional level. A GMP system ensures that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards, minimizing the risks involved in dietary supplement production and handling that cannot be eliminated through testing the final product.

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Kosher Certification: means the highest standard of kosher, built on a deep level of trust between manufacturers, producers, and consumers.

Our products are non-GMO and certified organic.  They are also certified for sport and free of gluten, dairy, soy, peanuts, corn, eggs, and artificial colors, preservatives, chemical additives.


OUR PRODUCTS ARE GUARANTEED TO BE FREE OF HEAVY METALS, MERCURY & ADULTERANTS: Your safety is our highest priority, testing is performed after critical stages of production to manufacture an effective adaptogenic and vitamin supplement that is FREE of solvent residues, heavy metals and bacterial contamination.

WE GUARANTEE A SUPERIOR POTENCY, LONGER SHELF LIFE & LABEL TRANSPARENCY: Our products are formulated to have an effective delivery for the best results. Extensive shelf-life studies are conducted on each product to ensure that label claims are met throughout the life of the product. Manufacturing quality control units oversees that our label claims are met and testing is conducted throughout the manufacturing process, including raw materials, mixing, milling, tableting, capsuling, and packaging. Rigorous testing is conducted of all raw ingredients, and in-process products are only released to the next stage of production upon verification the ingredients and products have passed all testing requirements. 

OUR PRODUCTS ARE PROUDLY MADE IN USA - THIRD PARTY TESTED: Allour nutritional supplements are proudly manufactured in the USA according to strict and compliant cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing) Standards. But unlike most brands, we go a step further by working with independent, third-party laboratories to ensure an unbiased substantiation process. These specialized manufacturing facilities, with cutting-edge technology, conduct routine testing on each and every lot of our finished products throughout the manufacturing process to ensure and evaluate the highest standards of safety, purity and potency. The are made in a NSF, GMP, QAI, USDA Organic and Kosher facility. Our product is Gluten Free and Non-GMO certified.

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