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AdrenaFem, Adrenlogx, Adaptogenic Herbs, Ashwaganda, Rhodiola, DIM
AdrenaMen, fatgue supplement
AdrenaFem, Adrenlogx, Adaptogenic Herbs, Ashwaganda, Rhodiola, DIM
Men and women are different.

Stress affects women differently than men.

A man's body responds differently to stress than a womans.

Finally...gender specific stress supplements
which support the unique differences between men and women.

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When it Comes to Stress...Sex Matters

Anxiety Relief

I have a very high stress life job and elderly parents etc. I have seen significant improvements with anxiety, weight, energy and sleep since using this formula. Highly recommend!

Lisa M.

Energy and Stamina

Have been using AdrenaFem for 6 or 7 months --- I can tell a big difference in my stamina, my entire attitude, and my energy level. Totally in love with this prouduct . do not want to be without it !!! Thank you for your prompt shipments and your awesome customer service !!

Cathy G. 

Sleep & Clarity

This supplement has made a difference. I felt like I had lost my "edge" just didn't have the energy, clarity I was used to having. I have never been a morning person, but now when I get up, and I am up. I sleep better, no sluggish afternoons & as a plus, my husband says he sees a difference.

Eleonor R.

Enjoy Countless Health Benefits

Benefits of AdrenaFem

  • More energy

  • Weight loss

  • Less brain fog

  • Better mood

  • Improves thyroid hormone action

  • Better immune, heart, and brain function

  • Naturally balances estrogen, progesterone and DHEA

  • Naturally controls female cortisol levels

Benefits of AdrenaMen

  • Naturally raises testosterone

  • Improves sex drive and performance

  • Increases stamina and endurance

  • More energy

  • Naturally balances male cortisol levels

  • Boosts immune function

  • Better heart, bone and brain health

  • Weight loss

How is your stress affecting you?
Take our complimentary quiz to find out.

Energy & Mental Focus

AdrenaMen is a perfect companion for my healthy lifestyle.  I have lost 24 pounds in five months without compromising the muscle mass I had before.  In last few months, I am waking up earlier and during the day, I feel energized, mentally focused, and always in a positive mood. My wife and kids can tell the difference.

 I’ll keep using the AdrenaMen for many more years because it is natural, nutritional supplement and I am a witness of its benefits to my health and state of mind.

Igor T.

Overall Hormone Balance

I love the AdrenaFem!  It truly changed the way I felt within a week, and it works perfectly with the supplements I am taking. I have a much sharper mental focus and sleep much, much better! I wake up earlier on my own and have a higher energy level during the more mid-day naps! It also helped to balance out my hormones and my husband has noticed a huge difference. I always wanted to feel this good but never thought I could. I ran out for about a few days a few months ago and couldn't believe how sluggish I became, mentally and physically.

The customer service is absolutely the best, respond immediately and will bend over backwards! I love, love, love the way I feel and my new life. Highly recommend it!

Sherry K.

Weight loss

WE ARE FANS!!! My husband and I have both been using the supplements for just a short while but can already tell a difference. I would say the biggest change for me has been the amount of energy I'm able to retain throughout the entire day, instead of the mid day crash I have become accustomed to. We both work out & eat healthy for the most part but just couldn't shake that mid day crash until now. I've also been able to drop a stubborn 5 lbs from my mid section and look forward to the last 10 coming off as well. Definitely love the products!!

D. Andrews

Ingredients in our supplements have been featured in:
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The Adrenalogix Difference


We've spent years developing stress supplements uniquely formulated to target the differences between men's and women's stress and the way it affects them.

AdrenaMen and AdrenaFem are also the only formulations designed to balance and maintain healthy sex hormone levels, especially during periods of chronic stress.  Add to this the benefits of immune system, brain, heart, and bone health support and you've finally found the best comprehensive stress supplement on the market.


All other stress supplement formulas have been created with a 'one size fits all' mentality.  No other stress supplements on the market have been developed to address the unique differences in how stress affects men and women.


OUR PRODUCTS ARE GUARANTEED TO BE FREE OF HEAVY METALS, MERCURY & ADULTERANTS: Testing is performed during each stage of production to guarantee an effective adaptogenic and vitamin supplement that is FREE of solvent residues, heavy metals and bacterial contamination.

WE GUARANTEE SUPERIOR POTENCY, LONGER SHELF LIFE, & LABEL TRANSPARENCY: Our products are formulated to have an effective delivery for the best results and outcome for you. Extensive shelf-life studies are conduct on each product to ensure that label claims are met throughout the life of the product. Manufacturing quality control units oversees that our label claims are met and testing is conducted on all facets throughout the manufacturing process, including raw materials, mixing, milling, tableting, capsuling, and packaging. Rigorous testing on our raw ingredients and in-process products are only released to the next stage of production upon verification that the ingredients and products have passed all testing requirements. 

OUR PRODUCTS ARE PROUDLY MADE IN USA - THIRD PARTY TESTED: At Adrenalogix, we believe you deserve only the best. That's why our nutritional supplements are proudly manufactured in the USA according to strict cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing) Standards. But unlike most brands, we go a step further by working with independent, third-party laboratories to ensure an unbiased substantiation process. These specialized manufacturing facilities, with their cutting-edge technology, conduct routine testing on each and every bottle throughout the manufacturing process.  This ensures the highest standards of safety, purity and potency. Our products are made in a NSF, GMP, QAI, USDA Organic and Kosher facility. Our products are also Gluten Free and Non-GMO certified.

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