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His Stress is Not Her Stress

Studies show being a man or a women actually affects the stress response so much that it can determine longevity and future risk of developing diseases.

Women are More Vulnerable

Women experience more stress, report more symptoms from stress, and are more sensitive to the effects of stress than men.


Women also have higher baseline cortisol levels and higher ‘natural’ cortisol pulses compared to men. 


As if this were not enough, the adrenal glands of women are also more sensitive...

SO, it takes less stress to increase cortisol

levels in women.

Sex Hormones Affect Cortisol Levels

Men generally have lower cortisol levels and don't have the

same level of sensitivity to stress...


Part of it has to do with the differences in male and female

brain structure and neurotransmitter levels.


The MAIN reason has to do with differences in

testosterone and estrogen levels!

Testosterone Trumps Estrogen

Testosterone lowers cortisol.

Estrogen raises cortisol.

Because men make more testosterone,

they have lower cortisol levels.

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