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Is Your Stress Affecting Your Life

Beyond Your control?


Before Spending Thousands of dollars on unnecessary drugs, doctors visits and wasting more years of your life on fads and quick fixes!

The effects of stress on a woman's health are even more significant if she also has hormonal imbalances, especially menopause.  The symptoms of menopause are bad enough!  A woman never knows what to wear because her hot flashes are so unpredictable. A decent night's sleep becomes a thing of the past...night sweats, sheets on then sheets off, waking up in a pool of sweat & having to change clothing...NOT so glamorous!

Then there's the mood's like being behind the steering wheel of the car but someone else is driving.  One minute you can be happy, the next minute the Cheerios commercial causes you to break down in tears.  Some women are even convinced they have newly diagnosed bipolar disorder because they never know which of their ten new personalities is going to show up on any given day.


Waistline...what waistline?  Even before menopause is in full force, women start to notice belly fat they can't get rid of no matter what they do!  Frustration then sets in so that they usually cave in to their sugar and salt cravings because, "why the heck not?  I'm not losing weight anyway!"  More weight gain leads to worsening body image which just adds insult to injury in the sex drive department.  For most women, it just doesn't matter because their memories are so bad, they can't remember their spouse's name most of the time anyway. 


When stress is factored into this equation, it becomes the perfect storm.  This is because women in general, and menopausal women in particular, have more stress response system dysfunction!



If you suffer from insomnia, fatigue, or foggy thin King, then you are probably being affected by higher than normal stress levels.


This is also true if you keep on gaining weight, can't lose weight, have frequent mood changes, and experience depression and anxiety.

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Many people don't even know their stress levels and how much impacts their health and their life. Don't be just another ostrich on the planet with your head stuck in the sand!


Ignoring your stressors will only make things worse!




Stress is the NUMBER ONE silent killer and is the indirect cause of 60% of all death and disease! In 2017, The Center for Disease Control reported that SEVEN (yes, 7!) people DIE every 2 seconds from stress related health issues (Read the CNN report here), Stress can cause everything from heart disease to cancer to early death simply because of the health chaos it causes....


Feeling hopeless and desperate many people turn to prescription drugs or to try to medicate themselves with various nutritional supplements....


THE PROBLEM IS THAT most stress relief supplements are impure, ineffective, and impractical! THE RESULT? Most of the peopl on this planet, maybe even you, are wasting your hard earned money on products that don't work or may even cause you harmful side effects... But not Adrenalogix!!!




Stress and the adrenals are so complex that most people don't understand how to fix the problem. What's worse is that their healthcare practitioners usually don't know either. This leaves miserable and helpless people seeking the advice of GoogleMD to diagnose and treat themselves.


Not only is this dangerous, but it can also make the problem much worse!








The body's major stress hormone is called cortisol . Cortisol's job is to make sure your body is in tip top shape if you are faced with a life threatening stressor. If everything is working normally, you will have the energy you need to either put up a great fight or high tail it out of there!


...But, some cortisol is always being released throughout the day and night to keep you alive. It goes up during the day to give you energy, and it goes down at night so you can restore and repair your cells and organs....

..When you are chronically stressed out, or if your cortisol levels are in the wrong place at the wrong time...then WATCH OUT! It is only a matter of time before flat, fat, fatigued, and foggy...and the older you are, the harder it is to dig yourself out of the black hole created by your stress!




Your stress is setting you up for failure when it comes to staying healthy...


  • Trouble sleeping

  • Weight gain, especially around the mid-section

  • Fatigue and low energy

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Memory loss Cravings

  •  Thyroid hormone problems

  • Menstrual problems (PMS, irregular periods, heavy periods, missed periods, and even early menopause)

  • Low sex drive

  • Premature aging


 You don't have to keep suffering .

You can to take action NOW

to STOP STRESS from taking over your life and your health!

What would you do if you could instantly KNOW how YOUR stress is specifically affecting YOU and YOUR HEALTH?

Even better...what would you do if you had the RIGHT tools and the RIGHT guidance to overcome your stress once and for all??





You no longer have to go it alone...because you now have access to one of the most prominent international experts on stress and diseases caused by stress.


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Dr. Edwards has helped thousands of patients suffering from the stress and stress related symptoms and health problems. Dr. Edwards KNOWS STRESS, and your stress is no match for her! She understands where you are, how you feel, and where you want to go. 

Dr. Lena Edwards is one of the Leading Physicians in the World in Integrative & Stress Medicine!

Dr. Edwards' unique clinical approaches, vast knowledge and experience, and charismatic speaking style have propelled her to both the national and international stages as a physician, teacher, author, and speaker. She has published several medical papers on the topic of stress and authored the best selling book "Adrenalogic: Outsmarting Stress".


She has also independently developed a unique Stress Index Inventory tool people can use to gauge their stress and how much it is affecting their health.

Calculate YOUR Stress Index and

find out how your stress

is making you a MESS!



You have probably seen thousands of fads and 'quick fix' solutions for stress all over the internet...


How much have you already spent? How much time have you already wasted? How much longer do you want to feel fat, flabb , foggy, and fatigued??



Decoding your stress message will change your life. It will allow you to see EXACTLY how your stress is making you feel bad and slowly killing you!



BUT ...With the tools you now have to understand how your stress levels are affecting your life, you can take PROACTIVE steps...steps which will give you back your health so you can be happier with the other important things in your your marriage, your family, and your job...


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