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Dr. Lena Edwards is an award-winning physician who has pioneered a new way of thinking about the relationship between stress and disease, aging, and quality of life.


An internist turned integrative medicine pioneer, Dr. Edwards specializes in the role stress plays in disease and overall health. Combining vast clinical experience with extensive knowledge of the latest medical research, Dr. Edwards’ bold, relentless approach to solving inexplicable health challenges has made her a highly sought after physician, consultant, educator, and speaker.  She has been unafraid to challenge the common ‘black and white’ conventional medical approach which reinforces the what behind illness and disease but rarely the how and why.


For decades, Dr. Edwards has been the ‘go to’ person for both physicians and patients who are confronted with inexplicable health questions and challenges.  Her keen understanding of complex physiological relationships and her unrelenting pursuit to uncover unique, hidden factors have made her an expert in figuring out the medical why’s behind the what’s…hence her nickname, “Dr. Why”.  There is always more to the story….


Dr. Edwards has spent the last decade researching, writing, speaking, and teaching on hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis dysfunction, the stress response, and the critical roles these factors play in human health and disease.  Her best selling book, Adrenalogic:  Outsmarting Stress, was the first, evidence based review of its kind to discuss these complex relationships and the many hidden factors that can influence them.  The book also served to debunk the popular but erroneous notion of “adrenal fatigue” by forging a new, research based understanding of how chronic stressors disturb adrenal function. Perhaps most impactful was the hope this book ignited in its readers by offering them proactive steps to reclaim their health, vitality, and sanity.


Dr. Edwards’ work and influence has been far reaching in both national and international markets.   Her work has appeared in several peer reviewed medical journals, and many more citations some including the Integrative Medicine:  A Clinician’s Journal, as well as in mass media outlets such as New You Magazine and Women’s Health Magazine. She has also been a regular contributor to The Doctor’s Channel, the world’s leading educational video site for doctors, and she was also featured as the health and wellness expert in the television series “Journey into Wellbeing”.


In addition to serving on the Medical Advisory Board of Health Intelligence Magazine, Dr. Edwards continues to serve in many academic capacities. Since 2007, she has also been speaking to national and international audiences on a diverse array of topics related to stress and stress related diseases.  Her speaking affiliations include large academic organizations such as The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and The Age Management Medical Group as well as at prominent corporate companies such as ZRT Laboratories andThe Pharmacy Compounding Centers of America.


Dr. Edwards plans to continue her clinical and academic endeavors far into the future.  This will include the development of a unique health care provider certification program which will offer the educational tools and mentorship necessary for attendees of all backgrounds to become proficient in managing stress, stress related bodily disorders, and HPA axis and adrenal dysfunction.


Dr. Edwards resides with her family in Boca Raton, Florida.  In addition to juggling her clinical practice obligations and outside academic pursuits, she enjoys spending time traveling, reading, gourmet cooking, music, and engaging in any type of outdoor activities.

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